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We at Primedigital, aim high, at being focused on building high quality American apps. We are an agency from New Delhi having 10 years of U.S. portfolio

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Fast and easy, remote team

We create high quality mobile apps & mobile first websites, inlcuding designing, developmemt and server deployments

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RoketCo and Fueled, two Award winning agencies, already use us as their extended team, and trust our expertise

We can create your stunning app as well

Design & development is difficult, working with us is super Easy!

We can create apps & websites at U.S. standards with decently lower cost

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Recent Work

Case studies say more than a thousand words:

iOS App


Specifically configured to support iPhone XS devices & iOS 12

Scan QR to check-in, watch Ads to earn stars. Unique, data targetted consumption of content, User rewards. Redeem stars to get sponsored for free stuff like coffee etc.

Admin dashboard, Analytics, Reports, CSV exports, cost per view, loyalty calculations and more

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Taste App
iOS App

The Taste App

- Tailored smarter dining experience

- Automation, dining history, and reservation.

- Networking.

- Analytics.

There are dozens of attributes that make up the places you like and dislike the most (cuisine, price, location, attire, etc.), but what's good is data if you're not going to use it?!

Non Profit

The 22 Project

Non profit Android and iOS app, daily journal, Healing The Invisible Wounds of War

Daily Journal is used to track your brain health. You will be able to input your mood, sleep quality, how many hours you are sleeping each night and overall changes and experiences that you go through on this healing journey.

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special mention


If you can sketch your thoughts, we can build the exact app

Stralla Sketch
Stralla Interface

Stralla is a service that allows users to search for and follow RSS feeds

Natural language processing, Huge database, Material UI design language, Mobile first & Responsive UI

Our Process
  • A
    Requirements gathering & market research

    We start the process with brainstorming the solution required. Further we research to figure out the current market, competion and trends

  • B

    Then we estimate the efforts required and drill down the cost of man hours anticipated, server costs and third party subscriptions

  • C
    Preparing IA, SOW and wireframes

    Next phase is to document everything. We prepare an Information Architecture (IA Doc) to list down all the planned features and interactions. Further we prepare the Statement of Work to sign off the budget and deliverables.

  • D
    Designing & Development

    Right on it, next step is to design the app. We give live preview of the design screens, that you can view & interact directly on your devices. After designs approval, we kickoff tech development to build out the app.

    We spin a dev server right from the start, to closely review the progress of features shaping one by one. We do weekly deployments and review meetings. Also in agile, we keep testing thoroughly in parallel

  • E
    Production release & App store Approval

    Final phase is Production deployments. Production server go live and prepare for public launch scale.

    For apps, we need to upload & submit the build to Apple/Google first. We work through all the compliances and get builds pre approved.

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At par U.S. Standards, we can create stunning websites and outstanding mobile applications in decently lower cost

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High quality mobile applications inlcuding designing, developmemt and API
Mobile first, fully responsive, outstanding web designs and applications